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A game where you try to get everyone in the same seat.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players




Everyone sits in a chair in a circle--one chair for everyone. One person in the middle begins to ask yes or no questions like: "Were you born in Idaho?" "Are you left handed?" If the players can answer "yes" to the question, they move one chair to the right onto that person's lap. If the players can answer "no" they must stay in the same chair. After a while there will be a pile-up. You may want to rule out questions whose answer is visible like: "do you have green eyes?"

Here are some question ideas:

Are you wearing shoes that tie?
Are you wearing a watch?
Did you kiss your spouse today?
Have you every worn high heels?
Have you every lost you wedding ring?
Is your favorite color not blue or green?
Did you make the bed you slept in?
Do you have a zipper on you?

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