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Get a BINGO of course

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 or more players


Bingo cards and pencils or pens


Get-to-know-you-bingo is a simple opener game excellent for large groups of like 30 or so. Create a bingo card by making a 5x5 grid with each square grid being about 1.5 inches square. In each box put questions like the ones that follow and a blank line for an answer. Leave the middle square free. It is good to use several versions of the card (i.e. different arrangements of the same or similar questions).

Sample questions or requests.

"Find someone who..."

1. Has never been to the east coast
2. Went to a concert in the last year.
3. Has never been skiing.
4. Is wearing black socks.
5. Plays a guitar (to any degree).
6. Listens to a certain radio station.
7. Has a brother named Mike.
8. Did not watch the "Cheers" final episode.
9. Was born in __________
10. Wore braces
11. Owns a pair of bell bottoms.
12. Drives a truck.
13. Has ears peirced twice.
14. Shops at _________
15. Is wearing sandles.
16. Has never flown in an airplane.
17. Knows who Peter Frampton is.
18. Is wearing a blue shirt.
19. Got a letter in the mail yesterday.
20. Works in a restaurant.
21. Has painted toenails.
22. Wears contacts.
23. Listens to Jazz music.
24. Does not like chocolate.
Etc. Etc.

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