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A unique game of team-based tag where fast running is a plus.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


20 or more players




Divide the group into two equal teams. The teams need to be as even as possible in running speed. The game is played across an open field. Each team draws a line at opposite sides of the field. Behind the line is "safe". Between the two lines, in the middle of the field, is a no-man's-land.


When the game begins, players attempt to tag each other. A player from one team (let's say team A) can only tag player from the other team (team B) if the player from team B left their safety zone first. For example, player 1 on team A sees player 2 from team B leave his/her safety zone and run into no-man's land. Player 1 then leaves his/her safety zone to try and tag player 2. Meanwhile, player 3 from team 2 sees player 1 from team A enter no-man's land and he/she then runs to tag player 1 etc. The game is a "dare" because players from one team and enter no-man's land and try to get players from the other team to dare to chase and tag them. Players can be saved by members of their own team when the person chasing them gets tagged.


Once a player gets tagged, the player from the other team who tagged them is "safe" until he/she returns to his own safe zone. However, once that player crosses back over the safety line into no-man's land they are no longer safe. When a player is tagged two things can happen. Players can decide up front how they want to play. In version one, on, each team has a "jail", consisting of people strung out into the middle of the playing area from the safety line. As more and more players from the opposite side get caught, the "jail" line gets longer and longer, and it becomes easier for someone from their team to "rescue" the player at the end of the jail line by tagging them before getting caught. In version two, players who get caught join the other side. This version is faster to play if time is an issue.


The game ends when one team captures players from the other team.

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