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Form a human whip and watch the player on the end go flying!

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players




A players line up in a long line and hold hands. The player at the front of the line is the 'head' and the player at the end of the line is the 'tail'. The head can grab the next player with both hands if they choose. The game begins when the head begins to run wildly in any direction making sharp turns and quick double backs. The line must continue to hold each others hands as tightly as possible. The force created by the twists and turns will often send the tail of the whip flying. It may be best for the tail to hold on with both hands to keep from flying off the end. Sometimes, however, the tail will go flying no matter how hard they hold on (thanks to physics) and this is why it is best to play on the grass. Be prepared to get dirty if you play this game!

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