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A baseball-like game where the ball is hits the bat twice!

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


4 or more players


Baseball bat Tennis ball Gloves


The rules of this game are quite simple. The game is played with a baseball bat and ball. We suggest a tennis ball so you don't break any windows. There are no teams, just one person up to bat (the hitter) and everyone else in the outfield. The hitter tosses the ball up and hits it. The hitter then places the bat on the ground in front of him/her. The player who catches the ball rolls it at the bat from the place where the ball was picked up. When and if the ball hits the bat, it should pop up into the air. If the batter does not catch the ball, the person who rolled it is then up to bat. If someone in the field catches a fly ball before it touches the ground, they are automatically up to bat. If the ball hits the bat but without enough force to pop up more than 1 foot, then the hitter gets to hit again.

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