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A game of tag with a playground a lot like Horse.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


3 or more players


Playground ball


The group must choose a thrower. The thrower then counts to 10, out loud. As they count, the rest of the players scatter. When the thrower reaches 10, the rest of the group all freeze in their spot. Then the thrower takes 4 giant steps towards any player and yells "S-P-U-D", one letter for each step. Then the thrower throws the ball, trying to hit the chosen player. If the ball hits the player, the player gets a letter "S". If the thrower misses, then the thrower gets a letter. That person then becomes the thrower. The game continues and players continue to add letters until players acquire all four letters SPUD (gets hit or misses a throw 4 times) putting them out of the game. If the thrower hits a player putting them out of the game, the thrower chooses the next thrower. The game continues until only one person remains.


All players form a circle and count off (they must remember their number.) One player is chosen to be "it" and is given a playground ball. S/he throws the ball high up into the air and calls out another player's number. Everybody runs away except for the player with that number. S/he must run to the ball. When s/he gets the ball, s/he calls, "Spud!" very loudly. Everybody must freeze when they hear, "Spud!" Then, the player with the ball can take two big steps towards any player and throw the ball at him/her. If that player is hit by the ball, s/he becomes "it." If not, the player who called "Spud!" is "it."

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