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A group dodge ball game where players run from corner to corner and try not to get hit.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Several playground balls and a room with corners


Pick from 1 to 6 people to be "it". Everyone that is "it" gets a ball (like a standard red kickball). All the "its" must stand in the center of a room which has at least 4 corners. All other players are cats. All the cats pick a corner to stand in. Someone must act as umpire and yell "cats get a corner". Then all cats run for the corner that is next. Everyone should move in the same direction so no one runs into each other. While the cats are running the "its" try to hit them with the ball. If you get hit you stand in the middle by the person who hit you. The "it" at the end with the most cats is a winner and gets to be a cat. The first cat to get hit becomes an "it".

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