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A fake-em-out game which will keep you on your toes.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


2 or more players


A ball - not too heavy A soccer ball works well


A players must line up against a wall. A chosen player goes to the front of the line with a ball. Then he or she either shouts "Head" or "Catch!" while throwing the ball to the first person in line. Whatever the person calls, the first person has to do just the opposite; if the thrower calls "Head!", the first person has to catch the ball, and if the thrower calls "Catch!" the first person has to head the ball (don't use a heavy ball or you'll hurt your head!). If the first person either misses the ball or does the wrong thing, he/she is out and the play continues. But if the person does the right thing, he/she is still in, and the play still continues. Whoever is in last wins.


Everyone lines up against a wall with their hands behind their backs. The chosen thrower either throws the ball or fakes throwing it. If the thrower throws the ball, the catcher must catch it. If the catcher misses, he is out. If the thrower fakes the throw, the catcher is not allowed to jerk, move, or make any move that shows that he thought the ball was thrown. If he does, he is out. Whoever is in last wins.

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