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A sports game where you try to knock other players out by throwing playground balls. This is the one we all remember.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players


Two or three playground balls


The group should divide into two equal teams. Determine a playing area with boundaries on all four sides. An area the size of a standard basketball court works well. Team 1 should form two lines facing each other. There needs to be at least 50 feet of space between both halves of team 1 to give team 2 some moving room. Team 2 should scatter anywhere between the lines of team 1. Two or three playground balls are used.


Team 1 throws balls at team 2. If a player on team 2 is hit below the shoulders, they are out. If a player on team 2 catches the ball in the air but not after a bounce, they receive a free 'life'. Then, if they are hit again, the free life is used up but the player is not out. A player may not receive more than three free lives. However, the fourth, fifth, etc. time a player catches the ball, they may bring a player who is out on their team back into the game. After all players of team 2 are out, the teams switch places.

Catching variation:

If a player on the opposite team catches a ball before it bounces, the thrower is 'out'.

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