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A kids game like rock-paper-scissors where you acquire points by matching your opponents silly movements.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


2 to 6 players




Players can make one of three silly gestures.

1. Players grab own ears with both hands and stretch them out.
2. Players cross hands over their chest like Dracula.
3. Players look through hands as if they were binoculars.

If there is a large group, the group should be divided into pairs. These groups of two will play against each other. One player is chosen to start and they are the "caller". The caller shouts "Switch it!" and each person makes one of the three gestures above. If the gesture is the same for both people, the "caller" gets a point and he/she gets to be the caller again. If the gestures don't match then the other person gets to be the "caller" and they yell "Switch it". This should happen quickly. The first person to get three points wins. If the person other than the caller makes a gesture which wasn't agreed upon or messes up, the caller gets a point. If the caller messes up, then the other person gets to be the caller.

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