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A group game for kids where the moose tries to reach the open spot in the circle before the hunter gets them.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players




Four or more people form a circle facing in and hold hands. One person is chosen as the "moose" goes around the circle ducking in and out of the circle going under peoples arms. At some point they touch a person on the head as they pass and that person becomes the hunter. The moose continues to run around the circle dodging in and out of people while the hunter must follow exactly in the moose's footsteps. The moose races for the open spot in the circle with the hunter in pursuit. If the moose arrives safely, the hunter goes into the center of the circle or the "jail" and the old moose chooses a new moose. If the hunter catches the moose before arriving at the open spot, the moose goes into the circle and the hunter becomes the next moose. Play continues until there are so many people in the middle that a circle can't be formed around them.

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