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A game where "Mother may I" meets Little Red Ridinghood.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


3 or more players




Players must choose someone to be the 'wolf'. The wolf stands with their back turned to the others at a distance of 20 or 25 feet away. The others call out, "What's the time Mr. Wolf" and the wolf turns to face the others and shouts out a time, for example "10 o'clock!" The others would then take 10 steps toward the wolf. The group will take the same amount of steps toward the wolf as the amount of hours in the wolf's time. e.g. 3 o'clock = 3 steps, 7 o'clock = 7 steps etc. The wolf will then turn his back to the group again for them to yell "What's the time Mr. Wolf" (He looks at the group only when he shouts the time). When the group gets close to the wolf, the next time the group yells "What's the time Mr. Wolf" the wolf says "Dinner Time". Then the wolf runs after the group who run as quickly as possible back to the start line, and hopefully the wolf tags one of the group who will then be the wolf. If no one is tagged then the wolf has to do it all over again.

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