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This is a simple elimination game to choose a starter etc.

Game type:

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


Varies by game



Bubble Gum:

At least three people are needed to play this game. All players gather in a circle and make a fist with both hands. Players hold their fists out in the middle of the circle. A counter must be chosen. Perhaps the oldest. The counter takes one of their fists and tap everyone's fists (including their own twice) as they say this rhyme: "Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?" Who ever they tap last should give a number between 1 and 10. Then the counter taps all fist again in order to the specified number. Whoever they land on has to take that fist out of the circle and place their hand behind their back. Then the counter then starts all over again with the "Bubble gum, Bubble gum etc." and repeats the process until only one person is left with one fist in the center. Once both of fists are tapped, the player are out. If the counter lands on their own fist, they then only tap themselves once and if they land on themselves a second time they are out.

Rock Paper Scissors:

The group gathers into groups of three. All three players in each group on the count of three make one of three hand motions. A rock (a closed fist), a paper (all fingers straight and extended) or scissors (the first and seconds straight and spread apart like a peace sign). Rock beats scissors (it crushes them), paper beats rock (it covers it) and scissors beats paper (it cuts it). If all three players each make a different sign or if all three players make the same sign then they play again. If two players make one sign and the third makes another and the two beat the one (for example two scissors and one paper) then the loser moves on to the next round with other losers. If the one sign beats the two (for example two rocks and one paper), then the winner is out and the remaining two losers must have a play off and play each other. Ultimately each group of three results in a loser and the loser must then play other losers in groups of three. If there are not enough losers after the first round for two complete groups of three (perhaps there are only 4 or 5 losers), then have either two groups of two who's losers then play each other or one group of two and one group of three. In the end there should be only one supreme loser and this person is "it".

Blue Shoe:

At least three people are needed to play this game. All players gather in a circle and place both their feet in the middle. A counter must be chosen. Perhaps the oldest. The counter points at each person's shoe (including their own) as they say this rhyme: "Blue shoe, blue shoe, How old are you?". Whoever's shoe is be pointed at, tells his or her age, and the counter then counts ahead that many shoes. Whatever shoe the counter lands on is then out. The rhyme continues until one person is left and they are 'it'.

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