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A game of touch tag where you can't touch the ground on a jungle gym.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


3 to 10 players


Jungle gym


Since this game requires a jungle gym, you may want to play at the local playground. Choose someone to be the 'tagger'. Often, the last person to get on the jungle gym is the 'tagger'. In this game the players must stay on the jungle gym (so the bigger the jungle gym the better). The ground is off limits. If a player walks, jumps or drops to the ground they become the 'tagger'. The tagger may not touch the ground to tag another player. If they do touch the ground they must count to 5 before chasing again. There are no tag-backs for 5 seconds.


The game continues until all players are tagged. Once a player is tagged they must climb off the jungle gym until the next game.

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