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A game of touch tag where you get frozen in place.

Game type:

Active. A lot of movement may be required.


6 or more players




First the players must define a playing area such as a yard or any space with set boundaries. There is no home base in this game. Choose a person to be "it" or the tagger. Once the game begins the group scatters and the tagger chases all people trying to tag them. When a person is tagged, they are frozen in place where they were tagged and should spread there legs. They can be unfrozen by having any player who is still not frozen crawl between their legs. If a players is tagged while crawling between a players legs, they are frozen and should stand up and spread their legs. If players step out of bounds they can be "called" by the tagger and must step back in bounds and are frozen in that place.


The game continues until all the players are frozen. Then the last person to be frozen is the tagger for the next game.

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